Access to deceased's Apple ID

(Hauke Harrack) #1

I would be interested to hear whether any members of this forum have had experience in assisting Executors with the work required to gain access to a deceased’s Apple ID.

Initial contact with Apple suggests, instead of a Grant of Probate, they require:-

"(…) a court order that specifies:

  1. The decedent was the user of all accounts associated with the Apple ID.
  2. The requestor is the legal personal representative of the decedent.
  3. As legal personal representative, the requestor is the “agent” of the decedent, and their authorization constitutes “lawful consent” as those terms are used in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.
  4. Apple is ordered by the court to assist in the recovery of decedent’s personal data from their accounts, which may contain third party personally identifiable information or data, from their accounts."

This would be a fairly expensive exercise for what is essentially a password reset.

Many thanks.

Hauke Harrack

(Andre Davidson) #2

This article may help.

However, if anyone has executed a will with a digital assets clause included, it would be useful to get their experience on dealing with Apple.

The digital clause I use includes the phrase …the power to obtain, access, modify, delete, and control my passwords and other electronic credentials associated with my digital devices and digital assets.

I hope that is enough to convince Apple that the decedent has given permission to release the password… but I think I may modify it , just in case.

Andre Davidson

(Anthony Rogers) #3

Apple did lose a case in NYC last month:

Although as you mentioned, be prepared for an expensive battle.

Anthony Rogers
Fusion Partners