Lawyer experienced in UK and Spanish cross border taxation and estate planning

Does anyone have any recommendations for a UK (preferably) or Spanish based lawyer who can fulfil this role efficiently?

Thank you.

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James Dickens

Chartered Financial Planner, CFP Chartered MCSI

Grierson Dickens****Limited

Chartered Financial Planners

I would highly recommend Dennis Phillips of Buckles LLP, Nottingham NG1 6BJ.

Lisa Homer TEP
For and on behalf of Pickering & Butters LLP

I would recommend Eshkeri & Grau who have offices in the UK and Spain (with dual qualified lawyers)

Jane Robinson
Winckworth Sherwood LLP

Jonathan Eshkeri of E&G Solicitors in Spain.
He is based at 20 Little Britain, London, EC1A 7DH

Caroline Walsh
CWalsh Law Offices

I have found Alex Radford of My Lawyer in Spain very helpful. From the UK his number is 0845 508 2395.

Helen Rowett
Lodders Solicitors LLP