Swearing Affidavits of Plight & Condition


I am applying for a Grant on behalf of my charity and as part of the application need to comment on the condition of the Will. I understand that following last year’s changes we no longer have to swear an oath when applying for the Grant and I wondered whether the Affidavit of Plight & Condition still needs to be sworn?

Many thanks
Kate Davies
Cats Protection

I had this at the end of last year and prepared the Affidavit of Due Plight and Condition as a statement which was signed by the executor but not sworn and the grant issued without any problems.

Nigel Scase
Greene & Greene

Thanks, Nigel - that is good to know!

Kind regards

Kate Davies
Cats Protection

Hi - following on from this (and given that the current circumstances would make swearing an affidavit before a solicitor virtually impossible), has anyone experienced any problems in submitting an affidavit which is more akin to a statement of truth?

Jane Robinson
Winckworth Sherwood LLP