Who pays for transferring the gift of property?

I am dealing with an estate where the testator gifted a property to A and residue to B.

Who is liable for the costs of transferring the property to A?

Charlotte Otton
Thompson & Cooke

My understanding is that, subject to any contrary provision in the Will, A (a specific legatee) will be liable for all costs relating to the property from the testator’s date of death to the date of assent to A. Any costs relating to the period before the testator’s death will be payable by the estate before B’s entitlement can be calculated.

Hauke Harrack

Depending on the wording of the Will, Hauke is correct that the property (as a specific legacy) vests with A and A is responsible for the general costs of the property, however, I believe the actual transfer from the Execs/Trustees to A is an administrative expense, which would be payable from the residue.

Happy to be corrected.

Jade Gani
Aston Bond