Appointing out of a Discretionary Trust

I’m currently retired from practice.

However, I’m trying to deal with my late father’s probate on behalf of the family.

Due to the local public libraries in Cambridgeshire having closed due to the epidemic, I’ve unexpectedly lost access to all of their Reference works. The library has a copy of Kelly’s Draftsman, which was easily its most useful asset.

But they say they can’t help anyone who needs access to Reference volumes. Nor can they say when it might be possible for the library to reopen.

Can anyone help me out, by directing me to a precedent for appointing out of a Discretionary Trust? My father passed away less than 2 years ago.

Stephen Poppitt

If you’d like to contact me directly ( I’ve got a draft you could adapt.

Ben Leach
Molesworths Bright Clegg

If you are still a member of the Law Society the librarians are really helpful and can do research and email you precedents from all the main texts.

Vincent Oakley

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