Beneficiary taking shares as part of Residuary gifts - What value?

I have a residuary beneficiary who is considering taking a shareholding held by the deceased as part of his legacy in the Estate. It is not a taxable estate, and the value is not more than £2k.
Simple question really - what value is taken of the shareholding? Is it date of death value, or date of distribution, or even date the Estate Accounts are approved?

I just can’t find authority to show the beneficiaries and the Executor, to avoid arguments (this is quite a likely scenario!)

Many thanks

For the purposes of distributing the estate, the value of the shares will be their value as at the date of appropriation – applying Re Charteris 1917.

However, for CGT purposes, they will acquire as “legatee” at the date of death value (s.62(4) TCGA 1992).

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Many thanks for this Paul