Can RNRB and APR be claimed on farmhouse?

I assume that if a farmhouse attracts 100% APR, the executors cannot also claim the RNRB?
If there is another dwelling (bought within 2 years of the deceased’s death) - is there a time limit as to how long the deceased must have ‘resided’ there in order to claim RNRB against the second property?

IHT relief (ie APR) on farmhouses is restricted to their agricultural value (their AV). As a consequence, the non-AV of a farmhouse will in principle qualify for the RNRB (watch the £2 million cap).

Malcolm Finney

The valuer has applied a 40% reduction to the market value to reflect an agricultural occupancy condition (it’s a property connected to a nursery (horticulture)) so a claim for 100% APR will be made on the discounted value, which is why I wondered if a claim could be made on another property in which the deceased resided a day or two at a time, albeit his main residence was at the nursery house, but I do not know whether this would actually fall under the umbrella of a residence?

As with CGT there is no minimum period of required residence for RNRB to apply. Many CGT cases are of indirect relevance to identifying what is a “residence” or “dwelling house”.

Purely a factual determination.

Malxolm Finney