Change of ownership

Situation: Mother owned house outright, passed away leaving her husband as a life beneficiary to live in the house until his death. After which the house passes to her son (her husbands stepson) The house currently left in the property trust fund.

As I understand the house will need to now be transferred into the names of the trustees to hold on trust. Can anyone help with the correct forms that need to be filled in please? We believe it’s the AS1 and AP1. Is this correct please?


Given that this is a very common situation to those who deal with probate, the fact that you are asking makes me wonder whether you should be dealing with this matter. I wonder are you a professional dealing with something outside your remit, or a lay person looking for free advice. Either way this is not what I believe this forum is for. You need to find yourself a suitably qualified professional who you should pay to deal with this.

If you are a professional you are doing your client no favours by dealing with matters outside your area of expertise. Questions on obscure points are one thing. Questions on fundamentals are quite another.


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SS seems harsh. Presumably top of her field etc. Why is she bothering with the forum…it is all so much below her !

My thoughts were the same as Sara’s.

One does not ask a technical forum what form to use. Look it up!

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My apologies for upsetting you Sara. I didn’t think it would harm to ask a question like this. Please accept my apologies for wasting your time and upsetting you. Kind regards

I too agree with Sara. Sometimes the queries posed on the Forum are so basic that the best advice to give to the person posting would be to suggest to him/her that their client should consult another more experienced professional.
Asking which form to use is laughable.

Cliona O’Tuama

Retiree, Cliona,

Thank you.


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Once again my apologies. Didn’t mean to cause any upset. Wishing you all a good day :pray:

Patrick, this is not a social media forum.

Peter Harris

I accept that but methinks the lady concerned was a tad harsh !

Patrick Costello

“Eastman” it seems first posted on 28 April. On doing so the Moderators posted “This is the first time Eastman has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”.

Perhaps Sara’s welcoming words may not be quite so welcoming as the Moderator intended.

Whilst appreciating that Sara’s post was not perhaps particularly challenging I agree with Patrick Costello who thought Sara’s response “was a tad harsh”.

May I humbly suggest that maybe it would have been a touch more friendly for Sara to have provided a useful and informative response for Eastman whilst then kindly suggesting that maybe Eastman would be better served if she sought advice elsewhere or took paid advice.

Malcolm Finney


I have to say that I also feel that this forum is not for use by anyone wanting help with what would be basic matters. Sorry Eastman!

Patrick Moroney

I am not sure that I am comfortable with some of the contributions under this heading.

Yes, it is a technical forum, but it is recognised that it is not only for the experienced practitioners who contribute, but also for a wide range of those less experienced. Non-practitioners also access the forum and post questions.

To my mind, Sara‘s initial response seems some-what high-handed. Fairly basic questions do get asked and are often responded to in a helpful and kindly manner. Those asking them may become the specialists of tomorrow and should be encouraged to engage with the Forum, not given the impression that what they are asking is worthless.

I accept that there are, at times, questions posed to which I think “What!!!”, but contributors respond to them in a helpful and friendly manner, not shoot them down.

I agree with Peter that the Forum is not a social media forum, but I don’t think anyone was suggesting it might be (although in the past I do recall certain contributors seeking recommendations for their Summer reading!).

Perhaps I am out of step with other contributors, but I would not want to dissuade Eastman and others of similar experience from raising issues on the forum. However, if practitioners, I wonder if they have sought the views of their colleagues or team leader beforehand, mindful that the issue raised may be an indicator of a training need.

Paul Saunders FCIB TEP

Independent Trust Consultant

Providing support and advice to fellow professionals


I agree with Paul

There are many less experienced practitioners who I have happily helped in the past and who I am likewise happy to help in the future.

I was one myself once but in those days you raised questions in written publications if you dared!!

Now it is wonderful to have a resource such as this for all levels to raise queries, without the need to feel at all embarrassed in doing so. Long may this continue.

Simon Northcott


On reflection perhaps I was being unkind in my response. It is not clear if Eastman is a professional acting for a client but if that is the case, then, as has been said already, it would perhaps be preferable for someone else in the practice who is qualified, to deal with the matter or if none is able, suggest they seek help elsewhere. If however Eastman Is not a professional, then the advice to take professional advice is good.

Patrick Moroney

Nice to see people are very kind to each other.

As a foreign lawyer, I have raised some basic questions before regarding trust, but appreciated people answering.

On the other hand, it is common on the Internet to meet people who have different ideas about certain things.


Paul saunders, as a lay representative myself i have asked questions in a case in which i am helping.
To be fair i read all replies given to others by yourself and i must admit it you are exceedingly knowledgeable and has helped immensely.
Your words of understanding regarding questions we may have to better people we represent, people like me applaud you Sir.