Charitable gift for unnmed charities

I appreciate any thoughts/advice from forum members.

My client wants to provide a pecuniary legacy of a nominal amount to various charities in his Will, for which he is not in a position to give details at this time. He will inform the executor at a later date in his letter of wishes.

Can we indicate in the Will a pecuniary legacy of £…… to PR/Trustees to be distributed among charities as per his letter of wishes?

If this is not possible, are there any other options available?

Thanks in advance.

I feel that wording is subject to challenge for lack of certainty of objects.

Whenever I do this I use a 2-year discretionary trust. The client can prepare their letter of wishes, and update it as often as they like without the will needing to change.

Possibly that’s a bit of a sledgehammer-to-crack-a-nut if the amount really is nominal though. But the wording does not have to be lengthy.

I’ve seen wills that just say “for such charitable institution or institutions as my Trustees shall in their absolute discretion decide”, but that’s really only been for residue rather than a pecuniary legacy.

Is s 143 IHTA of assistance? I do not have a problem with the validity in principle of such a pecuniary legacy. It is no different to a similar clause for personal chattels. The wishes in each case must be confided to the named legatee before death.

Jack Harper