Excepted Estate

This is probably a really silly question but do we really need to complete an IHT400 where the estate is valued below £3m and residue passes to the surviving spouse, apart from 3 cash legacies of £5000 each?

The guidance seems to suggest that all of the estate has to pass to the spouse to be excepted and therefore we need to complete an IHT400.

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Anne Duguid

IHTM06013 would suggest that you do not as the estate is less than £3m and the value of the estate after the spouse Exemption is less than the NRB

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My understanding is that the new regulations mean that an estate will be excepted (not require a full IHT400) even in cases where you are only transferring a portion of a transferable NRB provided value below £3million and exempt due to spousal exemption.

(This does not include or apply to RNRB / transfer of RNRB).

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Thank you Nigel and Skippy, I had a similar question with an estate that left a percentage to a charity that pulled the chargeable value below £325k. That IHT Manual reference makes it clear. Why don’t they reflect that on the .gov website?