HMRC Trust Register private beta

The Trust Registration Team are looking for agents who would like to take part in research for the new trust registration service.

There are two opportunities to take part in research:-
• where you take part in a scenario where you complete a registration or implement changes we get your feedback and you get to see the prototype.
• where you have a trust to register. This is a real trust registering on the new product but at present it has to meet the following criteria:

The most recent additions are shown in bold.

Minimum criteria
One of the following trust types:
• A new Will Trust
• A new trust created during the Settlor’s lifetime to gift or transfer assets (Inter Vivos)
• A new trust for a building or building with tenants(flat management company)
• A new trust for the repair of historic buildings (heritage maintenance fund)

People in the trust
• A lead trustee
• A living settlor (individual)
• A named beneficiary and or a class of Beneficiary
• multiple UK based trustees
• multiple named individual beneficiaries (will only require Name, DOB, National Insurance Number or Address)

• Assets one or more of the following: Money, Shares, Property or Land
Tax Liability
• A trust with no previous tax liability

You can volunteer for one or both.

Please contact the Trust Registration Team and we can arrange a suitable date and time:


Trust and Estate Registration Team

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Thanks Maxine

3rd time of trying, so I’ll see if I get any take up. I have a trust where I need to make amendments and have been holding off as not relevant until Tax Return needs processing.

Fingers crossed we get a bite and they can get on with releasing the update to the system.

Lucy Orrow
Lambert Chapman LLP