House deeds and trustees

With permission,may i ask as a civilian, and lay representative.
If trustees if a trust purchased a house, using a qiip named beneficiary of a life policy’s fund for that beneficiary in 2014.with an a restriction of no sole proprietor etc,registering as trustees of a will trust of the deceased .
Then change the deed in 2019 to proprietorship with their names and personal addresses and no mention of a trust .
Also,they requested all tax rebates for trust payments given but ,the address in 2010 is the address i live in now but,i never moved in until 2013. .
10 years down the line,they have been declaring that they have been paying me funds and i have not been receiving them…
I have done well in this case so far and these are only the questions i need answering or advice for…
Apologies if i have offended.