IHT 205 -Wrong declaration given

I’ve ticked the wrong declaration box on the final page of the IHT 205.

I’ve ticked that the gross estate is less than £1million and there is no IHT to pay due to spouse exemption.

I should have ticked that the gross estate is less than twice the excepted estate limit and an IHT 217 is attached (and I did attach it).

Clients signed the form and I have posted off to Probate Registry. What should I do do you think? Will my application for Probate fail because of this or will it go through anyway because it is obvious one way or another that there is no IHT to pay?

Many thanks in advance
Kind regards

I suggest you wait and see whether the registry raises an issue and places a “stop” in which case Be prepared for a delay even if you answer the question they raise straight away. It seems that once a “stop” is made, the application joins a new Queue! Very frustrating!

Patrick Moroney

The portal is great for tracking this. Often:

  1. Docs received
  2. [3 weeks later] Examination
  3. [13 minutes later] Stop applied.