Lawyer in Tanzania

Looking for recommendations for a lawyer in Pemba, Tanzania please.

Caroline Coats
Caroline Coats & Co

We have not yet had dealings in Pemba, but the law firm we dealt with in Dar es Salaam - M A. Ismail & Co (e-mail: / may be able to help.

Peter Double / Probate Resealing Services

I am from Dar, Tanzania. But moved to London 10 years ago, so not very up to date with things there now.

I have asked someone I know in Dar for a recommendation. I will let you know as soon as I hear back from them.

Sameera Nathoo

There is a guy in Dar, a good friend of my father. I knew he deals with business formation and tax issues. I asked him for a recommendation of if he does will/probate related stuff.

He has said yes, but not in Pemba. However, he would like to know what it is, and thinks he could be of assistance from Dar.

He is very honest down to earth trustworthy guy. Sole practitioner with an office in center of Dar.

His name is Bashir Moloo and his email is

He does not have a website or ‘professional’ email. In Tanzania, lots of things are done in person and over the phone.
People tend to who is who, so website does not really help except for info i guess.

Pemba is an extremely small under developed island just off Dar. I have not been there, but I know that they don’t have electricity there yet when I last checked (maybe they have it now!). I am told that the shops and office over there deal with tourism mainly. Don’t think you could find a competent lawyer there.

He has asked if you could email him with your requirements.

Sameera Nathoo