Life Interest Trust and TRS

Hey All

This is my first post and I’m still getting to grips with the Forum and how to draft posts.

I am preparing Wills to include a Life Interest Trust to spouse with children as beneficiaries. When registering the trust with HMLR, once the first spouse dies, will it be shown as “the trust of XX Deceased” or will the registration need to be the names of the children and surviving spouse. My problem is if the registration is in the names of the children then they will be seen has owning a second property.

I think I’ve researched too much and confused myself. Thanks for your anticipated help.

The property would be registered in the names of the trustees. You can reference the will trust in Box 10 of the AS1 but it would not appear on the title beyond the need to include a standard restriction.

The title would show them as legal owners but that does not mean they are beneficial owners.