LPA changes PMB Metcalfe

Hello, I have been looking through the PMB which the Gov is now supporting in regard to updating the LPA/OPG system.

One particular change I do not quite understand is the language about the registration fees for LPAs. The explanatory notes for the Bill (https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/58-03/0033/en/220033en.pdf) say that paragraph 2 ‘removes the requirement for the application to be accompanied by a fee’.

I presume the fees are not suddenly being abolished so it’s unclear to me what this is saying, especially when the application at the moment doesn’t need the fees directly accompanying it anyway, what with the options to pay over the phone or online.

I’ve tried to square it with the Gov’s response to the LPA consultation they launched a little while ago, but no luck. The rest of the proposed changes all make sense to me, this one line has just confused me and perhaps someone wiser may be able to explain its meaning.

Andrew Baxter
Adams & Remers LLP