NHS continuing health care

  1. Once a person is said by the nhs in her area be entitled to continuing health care, will this still apply if she goes into a home in a different area to be closer to her family?

  2. What is the basis of calculating how much the nhs will pay for a home?

  3. If the family find a more expensive home than the nhs would normally cover, is top up allowed to be paid by the family, and if so, is it the nhs who contracts to pay the fees with the home, and the nhs then recover the top up from the family?

Simon Northcott

  1. Yes - it’s about care needs rather than location or the setting of care.
  2. The NHS must cover all assessed care needs. There should be no cap on Continuing Healthcare, even though some Clinical Commissioning Groups are trying to impose caps. The NHS is responsible for meeting the full cost of care - and there is a very important reason for that: the person’s care needs are beyond the legal remit of the local authority and therefore the NHS is legal responsible for meeting needs.
  3. Top ups are not allowed with Continuing Healthcare - only local authority funded care. The Continuing Healthcare payments are made by the NHS directly to the care home.

Angela Sherman
Care To Be Different