OPG querying handwritten dates on LPAs

Does anyone know if the OPG accepts date stamps in place of handwritten dates on LPAs for donor / attorney signatures?

I ask because the OPG have recently rejected two of my applications to register LPAs because they say that an attorney’s hand written date is unclear. In a recent rejection, the OPG say that the last 0 in 2020 was partially incomplete and could have been mistaken for a 6!

We have complained to the OPG to ask them to register the LPAs on the basis that the LPAs could not possibly have been signed in 2026. They insist that the attorney and donor must now both sign a new s.11 and s.15 respectively.

In another rejection the OPG said that a 7 was smudged and looked a bit like it might have been amended. Again, the OPG insist on fresh signatures to register the LPAs.

This is hugely frustrating for us and and clients, particularly with the difficulties in finding witnesses at the moment.

Other than asking clients to write in their very neatest handwriting, I’m not sure what else can be done to avoid these rejections. Stamping the LPAs with dates or otherwise dating the LPAs on a client’s behalf is the only solution I can think of.


I have had similar rejections from the OPG regarding dates. Once they said a formal 7 could have been a 1, even after sending the attendance note evidencing the 7. Now, any LPAs where I am witness, I also date.