Proving an Indian Will in the English probate registry

Deceased died domiciled in E+W. Most of his estate was in England although he did have some property and land in India. His Will made in India inadvertently revoked his Will made in England so we now have to prove the Indian Will at the probate registry. The Indian Will is not limited to Indian assets (nor any other limitations).
A suitably qualified Indian lawyer is on hand to confirm the validity of the Indian Will. Am I correct in thinking that the Indian lawyer will need to sign an affidavit (or legal statement?) confirming it’s validity, which then forms part of the usual grant application (PA1 etc), or is there something else I need to include / be thinking about?
Thank you.

My thoughts: For UK purposes, if the deceased was domiciled in E&W then the Will just has to be formally valid under E&W law. If they were domiciled in India then I agree, the Registry would likely need confirmation via the affidavit that it was valid under Indian law. You may wish to apply for a Court certified copy of the UK Grant and Will at the time of application for use in India, if you are proving the original Will in the UK first.