Recommended Adviser - Domicile Issues - New York v England

I have just met with a lady who has dual nationality French and American. She has lived in England for 2 years, having lived the previous 10 years in France and the preceding 50 years before that in New York. The client is registered for income tax in New York and continues to file her annual returns there.

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who can advise regarding the domicile and taxation issues and who could also assist if a New York Will is required. She does not own property in any country and I believe the main asset is a bank account in the Isle of Man held in US$.

The client is based in Reading and is 94 so a local solicitor would be handy, although she is in fantastic health so could travel to London if necessary.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated .

Jessica Williams
The Head Partnership Solicitors

I am admitted to the bar in England and New York and would be happy to be of assistance if I can.

Ian Watson
Three Stone Chambers

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