Residuary Beneficiary is a dissolved company

I am dealing with an estate where the Will, signed in the 1980s, leaves a share of residue to a limited company which was dissolved in 2010. The company was a wholly owned subsidiary of a charity (who also receive a share) until 2004 when they provided shares to trustees. The dissolution documents state that all assets of the company passed back to the charity. All the remaining shares pass to charitable organisations.

There is no accruer clause or Cy Pres clause in the Will.

The charity in question believes that they should now receive 2 shares, but I am less certain.

My gut feeling is that this gift fails and the share of residue will fall under a partial intestacy. The deceased was an only child with a parent who arrived in the country at the time of WW1 so I would not be hopeful of locating any beneficiaries. The share of residue will be in the region of £10,000.

I wonder what the forum think and whether they have any solutions