Sale of Shares quoted on NY Stock Exchange

I am instructed on an estate which includes a shareholding quoted on the New York Stock Exchange. I understand I require a Federal Transfer Certificate to transfer and subsequently sell the shareholding but this seems quite difficult to obtain where the deceased’s US estate is worth more than $60,000 as at the date of death.

Does anyone have any experience in dealing with American shareholdings and obtaining a Federal Transfer Certificate?

Is anyone able to provide the names of any companies they have instructed to obtain a Federal Transfer Certificate?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kerry Brookes
Lamb Brooks

Have a look at:

Peter Double there is a contributor to the Forum

Simon Carman
Portsoken - Lost Share Certificates

Try Finders. From memory, there is a 6 months time limit (I think from death) which must not be missed.

Simon Northcott