SI 1137/18 to the NCPR's 1987

“With effect from the 27th November, HMCTS Probate will be changing the way that legal practitioners can lodge applications for Probate. By way of a statutory instrument, practitioners will no longer be required to submit an oath in support of their application but instead will be required to submit a statement of truth signed by the person(s) applying for the grant. It will also no longer be necessary to ensure that all applicants sign the original will.”

Received email from DPR as above (plus much more), with statement template to follow. Thinking aloud (so to speak) – at some point we will likely require / be able to apply for some form of online access for applications a la Land Registry – it has been piloted with firms elsewhere (Oxford area I think) as well as for personal applications.

Whilst we await template we are advised to continue with oath/marked Will procedure.

Curious if any template already available, mindful there is similar in Land Registry procedures.

John Cartlidge
Campion Solicitors

Tristram & Coote’s at 4.92 suggests for the moment just replacing any mention of ‘oath’ or ‘affidavit’ with ‘witness statement’ instead.

Eddie Bell
McMillan Williams

Thank you eddiebell. Presumably also not marking the wills?

michael osborne