STEP Accounting Guidelines book by Jonathan Cooke TEP

Dear Forum members.

I am looking for a copy of this book either 2nd or latest 3rd edition, but they are not available on Amazon.

Does anyone have a downloadable copy or a hard copy willing to share or sell? If you want to share or sell it then please PM me and we can make the arrangements. I am not in the UK at the moment and you will need to post it to me or I can make arrangements to get it picked up by a courier.

I will also get in touch with CLT directly tomorrow to see if they can restock on Amazon.

For those who have read it - is it useful in the preparation of Estate accounts?

Or are there any other books that give practical guidance on Estate accounts?

Thank you
Sameera Nathoo

Hi Sameera

I may have a spare copy, which I can check whenever I am able to get back to the office? I found it to be a very useful guide on drafting Estate and Trust accounts.

Please email me on if interested?

Jane Robinson
Winckworth Sherwood LLP

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Sorry you can’t get hold of the Accounting Guidelines at the moment.

We fulfil these from the STEP office, but at present no one is there due to coronavirus. We had taken a supply home to fulfil orders, but these ran out last week, so we have had to set to Out of Stock temporarily until someone can go into the office and get some more copies.

CLTi will not have any copies as it is STEP that fulfils these.

If you email me ( so I have your details, I will let you know as soon as we are able to get more copies.

Louise Polcaro
(STEP Comms Team)

Dear Louise

Many thanks.

I did manage to get through to STEP and someone from the office is going to post the book to me tomorrow.

Kind regards
Sameera Nathoo