Tax Pool and online returns

Hi. Thus far I have always submitted paper returns and let HMRC calculate the tax. They then (eventually) return the tax calculation which also includes the Tax Pool.

I am considering submitting the returns online to speed things up however the online system does not seem to give the tax pool amount. Having spoken to HMRC I was told to just phone up and they can tell me. Can’t say I like the idea of half an hour of their piped music for each trust.

I was wandering if I am missing a trick. What do people tend to do? Keep track yourself and hope it matches HMRC’s tally and/or phone up each year?

Suggestions welcome. Thanks

What system are you considering to prepare and submit the online tax returns? The one I am familiar with incorporates a calculation of the tax pool for trusts liable to tax at the trust rates and also prepares R185s.

I have been evaluating SA Submission Pro by DC Software. It does not seem to have any tax pool calculation. I’m open to other recommendations.

The programme I am used to is CCH but that is a lot more expensive so i guess you get what you pay for.

I guess so. Although the tax pool is hardly rocket science. I could keep track of it manually although it would be nice to see that HMRC have the same figure. I guess if they disagree on the return they would soon let me know.

The way to improve HMRC’s telephone service is to introduce a reverse the charges option. Or Press Button B for my fellow dinosaurs.

Jack Harper

mmm not sure that will help. I think they just need a decent AI system :slight_smile:

If you are only doing one or two trust returns, you might want to take a look at Andica.
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Citroen Wells

We use Digita from Thomson Reuters. It calculates the tax pool and I find it easy to use. I believe it is not cheap, though.

I’ve just found that SA submission Pro does calculate the tax pool. Seems reasonanable package for the price. No just trying to decide if there is any real benefit to submitting online other than not having to photocopy the return.