Termination Of Life Interest to Wife by all Beneficiaries

I am acting for a Widow, whose husband died leaving her a life interest in their jointly owned home (held as Tenants in Common). The couple had no children, and the beneficiaries of the Property are nieces and nephews. The nieces and nephews have agreed to terminate the trust, so that the widow owns the property outright.
I assume I need to prepare a Deed, either for termination of the Life Interest in favour of the widow, or an Assignment of the Property to the widow, but I can’t find any confirmation or precedents of this.
The Estate is below the Inheritance Tax level, so Tax is not an issue. There is also an Equity Release on the property, although I don’t believe that this will be an issue.
Can anyone suggest any precedents please?
Many thanks

If you are within 2 years, you could just do a simple deed of variation re-writing the legacy so that the property passes directly to her.

Andrew Goodman
Osborne Clarke LLP