Unnecessary(?) Will Clauses

I am currently preparing a Will for a client who he is making some changes to an existing Will which was prepared by Will writers.

His previous Will contains the two following clauses:-

  1. I CONFIRM that my Executors and Trustees shall have the discretion to exercise prior to the Grant of Probate being obtained their power of appointment and appropriation under any trust created by this my Will

  2. FOR avoidance of doubt no powers conferred by Section 31 of the Trustee Act 1925 or by this Will or by the standard and special provisions of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners 2nd Edition as amended by this will and incorporated within it shall be exercisable so as to prevent a Beneficiary from being entitled to an interest in possession in Trust Property within the meaning of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984

I think that both are now unnecessary given the changes which he is making to his Will, but I would appreciate a second opinion.

My questions are as follows:-

  1. Do the Executors and Trustees not ordinarily have a power of appointment prior to the Grant of Probate being issued?
  2. I have re-read the second clause several times and I am still none the wiser. Please could someone explain this to me in plain English?

As always, any guidance is very much appreciated.

Kind regards.
Martyn Dixon
Harold Bell Infields & Co