Yet another TRS question (x2)

  • Is it now possible for clients to obtain an extract of the register to allow professional services providers (such as us) to do our required CDD? (required under para 30A of the Regs)

  • Also, have HMRC said if, and/or when, the same providers might be able to obtain that directly with client consent (I suspect this idea is just the creation of my overactive imagination / confusion with the PSC register)

Andrew Goodman
Osborne Clarke LLP


1 I have been able to obtain a pdf of my registered trusts entitled “Last declared copy”
2 Your imagination seems to currently exceed the third party inspection vires in Regs 45 (12) and 45ZB, although an authorised agent can inspect presumably on the basis they are the alter ego of their principal.

Jack harper

Great, thanks.I think I was confusing the latter with the equivalent need to check the PSC register on companies etc, which is of course public.