An Executor has predeceased the Testator

I am due to apply for Probate. The Will appoints two Executors. One Executor knows that the other has predeceased the Testator as they were work colleagues but cannot confirm the date of death.

Does any particular wording need to be included on the Oath to clear the deceased Executor’s name?

Thank you.

Nicola Cannell
David Morgan Jones

The Statement simply needs to explain what has happened and ‘why’ the other executor is not applying. Something alone the lines of:

“…I am one of the two executors named in the Will of the deceased, A B Smith having predeceased the testator…”

Kamlesh Samji
KRS Estate Planning

You might want to obtain a copy of the death certificate of the deceased executors just so you have evidence on your file that he/she has predeceased. You should be able to obtain a copy of the death certificate from the GRO.

In terms of wording in the statement of truth you simply need to say (in the paragraph about the executors) something along the lines of ‘I am one of the executors named in the said will, the other executor AB having died before the said deceased’

Sarah Arundel
Taylor Fawcett

Thank you for the reponses. I will word the Oath accordingly and look to obtain a copy of the Death Certificate.

Kind regards.

Nicola Cannell
David Morgan Jones