Equitable charge and ten year charge

I can see a lot of posts about equitable charges and NRB queries, but I have come across a DT which should have had a 10 year charge review in 2016. Trustees were advised that there was nothing to report. Original charge was for £280k. I can only assume therefore that the solicitor at the time didn’t report because below £325k? It is however, above the reporting limits.
Clauses in deed include RPI increase etc so now we are calculating the exit charge, the ten year charge is important.

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Lucy Orrow CTA TEP
Lambert Chapman LLP

Yes the IHT 100 should’ve been submitted at the 10th anniversary as they charge exceeded 80% of the nil rate band. I would suggest that it is submitted now and hope that HMRC does not levy a penalty, which I would think should be the case as no tax was payable.
To avoid a charge on exit, it may be worthwhile considering, (if the Will allows it) waiving the RPI charge, thus keeping the value transferred to £280k.
Patrick Moroney
BWL solicitors

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A chargeable 10 year event without tax payable needs to be reported. Sadly this is far from being a rare event and sorting it out is invariably a pain with a wallet dimension, though any penalty is small.

Jack Harper

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I recently completed a matter where TYA was not reported and there was in fact a TYA charge. The Trustees / clients had not been properly advised when setting up the Discretionary Trust i.e. of the reporting obligations. This seems to be a common scenario sadly.

We filed TYA IHT100 and paid tax late - no penalty was levied by HMRC, though of course interest added. This case was only a delay of approx 6 months.

Philippa Jayne Bavington
Giles Wilson LLP

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