IHT Form Software

(Anthony Rogers) #1

Not so much a trust question, but thought this would be a good place to ask.

We are increasingly dealing with IHT calculations for estates and as we all know IHT400s are very cumbersome requiring info to be input repeatedly across a number of forms.

Can anyone recommend cost effective software that will aid with the preparation of IHT forms? We only prepare 1-2 a month and do minimal other compliance work so don’t need an all singing all dancing package.

Anthony Rogers
Fusion Partners

(Maxine Higgins) #2

We use the ‘smart forms tax’ function in Tolleys Library (Lexis Nexis) which comprises editable PDF forms & documents. It is also possible to ‘save as’ so that once a form has been completed the same information does not need to be re-input for a difference case.

Maxine Higgins
Citroen Wells

(Umesh Gohil) #3

Oyez IHT forms auto fills all standard details and links with supplement forms

Umesh Gohil
Bell Maison

(Kevin Parsons) #4

I have a vested interest in the ProbateAdmin product but it will do what you are looking for and is being launched in January. The pricing model is ideal for a firm that only does one or two cases a month. Take a look at this website

Kevin Parsons
Northwood Banks & Co