Online probate application - signature of legal statement

Can anyone please confirm to me whether the executor actually has to sign the legal statement which is produced through the online application process?

The guidance on the service reads:

“This is the legal statement and declaration for you and your client to review. If there are no changes, your client can authorise you to declare on their behalf.

You can print the legal statement and declaration and ask your client to sign it for your own records. A photocopy of the signed statement should be submitted along with your evidence in support.”

And the legal statement starts as follows:

“The executor believes that all the information stated in the legal statement is true. They have authorised [Gordons LLP] to sign a statement of truth on their behalf.”

This seems to suggest that we can sign the statement for the client, but the signature block then clearly indicates it should be signed by the executor. It would be handy if we could just email a copy to the executor for approval and then sign it for them, but I would be reassured to learn if anyone has done that in practice (and the grant been issued).

Diana Smart
Gordons LLP