RNRB and minor children

(Karl Taylor) #1

Single woman with two minor children. Her estate is approx. £500K so would benefit from the RNRB. Is this available if the residuary estate, including her property, is placed into an 18-25 Trust? Parker’s 9th edition suggests it is though my understanding was that to qualify the gift re: the property had to become absolute at 18.

My initial thoughts were specific gift of property in Trust to 18 with residue in to a 18-25 Trust.

Thanks in advance

Karl Taylor
Parker Rhodes Hickmotts

(Simon James Northcott) #2

An18-25 trust for children is fine. Remoter issue have to take absolutely or under an IPDI

Simon Northcott

(malcfinney1) #3

RNRB available; see IHTA 1984 s.8J(b).

Malcolm Finney