Acting as Attorney for wealthy client

My firm is acting as professional attorneys for a wealthy client who, whilst she does not have the capacity to look after her finances, lives at home with a carer and enjoys going out for meals and hair and beauty appointments.
Her bank are not allowing her access to her credit or debit cards. She has been allowed only a cash card with which she can withdraw money. However, she cannot remember her PIN and many of the restaurants she would like to dine in are now cashless. She really needs a contactless card allowing her access to a limited amount of money.
We are unable to apply for a fresh credit card for her as her credit score shows that she has a frozen account.
Are any other practitioners able to offer any practical advice?

Claire Carr

Hi Claire

Would any of the restaurants be prepared to open an account (tab) for her, to be paid say monthly, or once they reached a certain limit, by you as attorneys?

There could be a limit set on the amount of credit each restaurant could give so that things do not get out of hand.

The client could sign a copy of the bill at the time for the restaurant to keep/submit to you with the payment request and for auditing purposes. Also, many places will now email you receipts at the time of payment so the restaurant could perhaps have you as the email addressee.

I am sure something straightforward can be set up. Most places will have a facility for credit accounts for good customers (and you say she is wealthy so presumably they will wish to keep her trade).

Good luck


You could get her a pre-paid card, such as that provided by Centrip. She would use it like a credit card, and you could top it up from her funds as necessary.