Applying for Grant ad Colligenda Bona

Hello all,

Has anyone applied for a Grant ad Colligenda Bona under the new centralised process? Having looked at the PA1P form, it asks what kind of application you wish to make.

It can’t be as simple as filling out the PA1P appropriately and sending this to Newcastle Probate registry with a witness statement can it?

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It is form PA1A (Administration, the Will not being proved) accompanied by Statement of Truth (affidavit as was) detailing the circumstances and why such a grant is required, and IHT205 if an excepted estate - Paper application to Newcastle DPR. If not excepted, submit IHT400 to HMRC with covering letter to HMRC IHT Technical Team explaining circumstances and request approval to be issued to Probate Registry to issue Administration ad colligenda bona - if approved in principle HMRC may issue further questionnaire / raise enquiry. Monitor the HMRC application to ensure any such approval is lodged on the ‘Shared Drive’ with Probate service.