Asset Protection in Life

I have a client who has learning difficulties and two brothers. One is looking after him in the clients home and wants the best for him. The other has already tried to have him removed from his home so he can sell it (beyond devious).
Short of a Lifetime Trust to protect his property from this “brother” is there anything else I could suggest in lifetime that would protect the client?
Rugby Wills

You indicate that the client (ie the one with learning difficulties) owns his own home. If so how can his brother have him removed? Or have I misunderstood?

Malcolm Finney

All I was told was he (brother) tried to get him put in a home “as he couldn’t look after himself” which on visiting was clearly incorrect. This guy (brother) advises people on legal matters when they go to court on how to get off and apparently is not as straight as a die, but every story has two sides. Even his solicitor concurs, although I do wonder why as they had a solicitor, they wanted me to write the Will. I shall tread carefully.