Asset search deceased estate

I’m wondering if members regularly use asset search companies when administering estates? If so, which do you use?

Hi Simon,

I usually do a search of the Unclaimed Asset Register which costs £25 through Experian (very easy to sign up to as a business):



Thanks Eloise. As it is a relatively modest fee I wonder if it should be standard practice to conduct a search? Has anyone come across any advice on this point?

I suggest that you approach Fraser & Fraser in London. Their Sally Morgan is very helpful. Tel: 0207 832 1400.
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Thanks a lot Peter Double

I often use Estate Search which incorporates various other searches, such as the previously named Landmark Asset search. I am aware they are looking to expand their service (valuation of cars I think is the latest addition!). There are options to select which determine fees.

It is advisable to check how many financial institutions they claim to ‘search’ as I have found some searches are quite limited.