Assets In Scotland

Currently drafting a Will for a UK domiciled client and he also owns shares in a Scottish registered company - who he is also employed by.

As these are moveable assets can these be dealt with by his UK Will?

Would you also include in the UK Will, a sentence to say that the UK Will also includes his moveable assets in Scotland or would you specifically mention the company name that he owns the shares in at present?

Thank you in advance.

I assume you mean an English will…

Yes, should be fine and an English probate is recognised in Scotland. I don’t see any need to make express reference to Scotland or Scottish assets.


Yes I do mean an English Will.

Thank you for your reply.

Wayne, I hope you don’t mind me saying but a person is either domiciled in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland rather than UK domiciled,the term you used. I agree with Andrew.

Patrick Moroney


Yes I did know this but I phrased the query incorrectly.

Thank you for your reply