Assets owned in Israel

I have a client who wants to refer to assets that he owns in Israel as he believes a UK Will would be valid in Israel.
Any advise would be appreciated.


Collette Hodkinson
CPH Solicitors

Hi Collette,

Rule of thumb is immovable are dealt with by local law, movables can be dealt with by English will. Usual to employ a ‘local’ lawyer to deal with immovable property in Israel. English will for all other assets.

Cross-border agreements etc to add to the mix. Not sure I agree a UK will would be valid in Israel.


I am based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since Israel does not recognise foreign probate orders, I advise my clients to have a separate will for assets here.
Firstly, because identification here is by name and number (Israeli ID number or passport number for non Israelis) so it is important that the will includes this information.
It is also much simpler to get probate here with an original will (rather than on the basis of a copy of the English will) and using a draft which is tailored to the specific requirements of Israeli law and procedure.

Caroline Walsh
CWalsh Law Offices

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