Avoiding 'double probate' where same beneficiaries named

Hoping someone can shed some light/thoughts please:


Grant of probate was acquired for A’s estate (with primary beneficiary B to receive it in full) but application to the bank to release substantial funds using grant of probate in A’s estate not yet completed/sent across (for distribution to B while they were alive - as it happens this would have been to B’s account held under LPA by executors in A’s estate).

B died before this transfer could go through. B’s Will happens to be on the same terms as A’s Will, with exactly the same default beneficiaries as in A’s Will (should both A & B have died).

Assuming for argument’s sake there were no debts/liabilities other than settling funeral expenses in B’s estate, is it possible to release those funds otherwise destined for B’s estate from A’s, straight to the beneficiaries of B’s Will (being identical to A’s default beneficiaries) using the grant in A’s estate to release them to the default beneficiaries or would this instead be subject to a ‘double probate’ scenario and therefore require some sort of deed of variation to ‘bypass’?

Many thanks in advance for your time/thoughts.