Bali property sale in UK Estate

I am dealing with a UK Estate whereby the deceased owned a property in Bali.

I require help on the following:

  1. What are the requirements needed in order to market and sell such a property?
  2. Do we require a foreign grant to sell?
  3. Can anyone recommend a contact that would be able to help me with this?

Any help on the above would be much appreciated.

John Hunter

You’re probably sorted with this now given that it was a while ago but I would utilise the STEP directory on here and try to find a practitioner in Bali. I would have thought you’d need to get a separate grant as I don’t think Bali will be covered by the Colonial Probates Act 1892 and thus a country where a reseal would suffice.

Hope this has been of some help?

Rachael Waring