Bangladeshi lawyer


Is anyone able to recommend a Bangladeshi lawyer please (preferably English-speaking)? I have an estate where the deceased is domiciled in the UK and most of his assets are here.

There may also be some historic bank deposits still held in Bangladesh, but it is proving difficult to obtain information from the banks there. They are insisting on the UK-based executors attending the banks in person!

Many thanks

Steve Carter
Consultant Solicitor
Setfords Solicitors

Hi Steve, you may have already tried this but the ‘Find a Solicitor’ function on the Law society website allows you to filter results by language spoken. Unless someone on the forum can reccomend someone they have experience with, that may be your best bet to find someone local to you.


Hi Steve

I can speak Hindi and English if that helps. I believe in Bangladesh the language spoke is Bengali or Urdu but Hindi is also widely known.

Dear Steve,
We do not have lawyer in Bangladesh that we use, but we find Khaitan & Co, lawyers in Calcutta / Kalkutta may be bale to help. Their Suhana Islam is very responsive. Her e-mail is: . We will be interested to know if she is able to help you.
Yours sincerely,
Peter Double / Probate Resealing Services

Thank you all for your replies and suggestions.