Bankruptcy searches Gibraltar

Hi we are in the process of winding up and estate and one of the beneficiaries is resident in Gibraltar. We have been unable to find any organisation who can carry out a bankruptcy search or similar against the name of the beneficiary. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Julie Bullough
Coupe Bradbury

I believe both Fraser & Fraser and Kin Probate provide an overseas bankruptcy search service. I am sure that other similar firms offer such a service.

The real question though will be if Gibraltar keeps a centralised database of bankrupts and, if it does, if it includes details of all those who may have been bankrupt since the date the beneficiary’s entitlement vested (vested in interest, rather than vested in possession).

Paul Saunders FCIB TEP

Independent Trust Consultant

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Hi Julie
Have you tried James George at Caesura? He’s always been able to help me with overseas bankruptcy searches. His email below:

Carole Hewett FCILEx TEP (Locum)
Hewett Legal Services Ltd – always quick and reasonably priced

Caroline Brooks-Johnson
Inheritance Law

I usually use Title Research but I presume you have already tried them?

Perhaps try emailing an Insolvency Practitioner in Gibraltar for help?

I am intrigued to know the result as I may be dealing with the same in the near future.

Leanne Bloomfield
Beverley Morris & Co