Barclaysafe – Any suggestions?

Good afternoon,
We understand the Will of the deceased is held by ‘Barclaysafe’, however we cannot contact the service. The listed phone number provides an option to an automated message ‘we cannot put you through…’. We have tried letter to the postal address listed on the contemporary correspondence from 2011 paperwork regarding the lodging of the Will, without success, and cannot find an alternative address or phone number.

Any suggestions?

Barclays Bank Trust Company Limited operated the Willsafe service, which held wills in which Barclays was named executor. It was taken over by Zedra in 2017.

I suggest you contact Zedra (UK)’s Manchester office: Manchester - Active Wealth, Corporate and Fund Solutions - ZEDRA.

Even if Barclays is not named an executor, Zedra may well have received similar enquiries in the past and be able to suggest an alternative contact for tracing the will.

Paul Saunders FCIB TEP

Independent Trust Consultant

Providing support and advice to fellow professionals

Many thanks.

Zedra had cropped up when we’ve been looking at this and as you say, they may hold alternative contact details. Online at least Barclaysafe still exists as a Barclays service (albeit closed to new users), and the automated telephone message refers to ‘Barclaysafe’.

Will try Zedra – have also today submitted complaint to Barclays – hopefully something will produce a response somewhere down the line.

Not something I’ve ever tried but if you are desperate, you could try tweeting @barclaysukhelp .

Thanks - perhaps this is the new world! I’ll ping off a letter to Zedra as per Paul’s suggestion, in addition to the complaint letter to Barclays ‘Customer Relations’, and if all else fails resort to ‘tweeting’ - it feels wrong to even think it!

Thanks again Paul - Zendra indeed have the Will. I understand requests to Barclaysafe are ‘supposed’ to be forwarded to Zendra, but obviously not in this case.