Beneficial Interest Company Trust

I have a query in relation to the above. I am of the understanding that if one holds a legal title to a land/property in the UK on Land Registry, and if that person may wish to ‘nominate’ another ‘person’ to hold the beneficial interest in that property that this can be done by way of setting up a trust deed. In effect, if there is a landlord who holds the legal title, the landlord can ‘split’ the beneficial interest from the legal owner. In splitting this, the beneficial interest would now be held by a corporate structure in the UK (Limited Company). Given that the beneficial interest is now held by the company, any income that may flow from the property would be taxed by the beneficial owner given that taxation follows beneficial interest. Is my understanding in what I have stated correct? If it is correct, can anyone suggest how one might go about setting this up. If my understanding is incorrect, can anyone suggest how so please?