Beneficiary ignoring letters etc

I am near completion of an estate, relatively small. One beneficiary took a while to locate, which I eventually managed to do by finally getting an address and then confirming via a H M Land Reg search. Despite duplicate letters being sent to the address by standard first class and Recorded Delivery, the letters sent by Recorded are being returned marked ‘refused’. I am confident the letters have been read.

It is my understanding this particular benef had an affair with the deceased and I assume this lies behind the refusal to respond. My letters have made it clear the inheritance can be disclaimed, or varied, but I need this in writing.

Rather than delay distribution to the others, I have decided to set aside this share, approx. £15K The question is, what more can I do as I don’t really want to hold this money indefinitely.

Karl Taylor
Graysons Solicitors

I suggest it might be worth calling on them to discuss.

If they are too distant for a member of your firm, would another firm, local to their address, attend on your behalf.

I suggest another solicitor, rather than an enquiry agent, as they will be able to explain the situation and, if necessary, provide a formal statement to confirm the content of any discussion.

It may be that though they own the house, they do not live there, and the PD letter has been refused by the occupier.

Paul Saunders

Thanks Paul, the benef is not local and I did consider using and agent but agree instructing a locally based solicitor would be better.

Karl Taylor
Graysons Solicitors