BMT; 18-25 Trust & RNRB

Is it possible for a parent to claim the RNRB & TRNRB by leaving everything in an estate to a discretionary trust (with power to appoint to another trust) and then the Trustees using s144 to appoint out the property to either a bereaved minors trust or an 18-25 trust within two years? (My gut is saying not, but I think I am getting muddled with grandparents leaving to minor grandchildren on trust, which I know doesn’t work)

I am conscious that the other tax consequences of either the BMT or 18-25 Trust will vary depending on the age of her kids (currently 8, 12 & 16) if the (sole surviving) parent has an untimely demise and the need for flexibility.

The parent does not want the kids to be able to sell the house until the youngest is 25, which I know will cause Crowe v Appleby issues as the eldest child turns 25 some 8 years before the youngest but the main aim is to get the RNRB without being too prescriptive.

(Please be kind - this is my first post on the forum!)

Elizabeth Foggin
Autumn Years Law

yes it is possible-and we are all kind, and always learning!

Simon Northcott