Bona Vacantia Estate & dealing with the Treasury Solicitor

Apologies if this has been addressed on a previous occasion.

To give some background info, the deceased died 2020 intestate.

International tracing agents to locate relatives were instructed but to no avail. Certainty searches completed. The estate has been placed on the unclaimed estates list which so far has not materialised into any claims or replies.

I have now referred the estate to the Treasury Solicitor, Government Legal Department but they just do not seem interested in taking on the case. I have read that it may take 12 years for the Treasury Solicitor to begin acting (because of the Limitations Act 1980)- can anyone confirm whether this is accurate? The estate remains completely unadministered at this stage.

Any ideas of how to proceed would be much appreciated, or guidance if anyone has experienced a similar situation.

Many thanks

Amber H