Calculating distributions for intestate estate

I am dealing with an intestate estate, where the deceased never married, no spouse, no children. His parents died before him.

His direct blood relatives are 1 brother and 3 sisters. However 1 of his sisters died before him.

The deceased sister is survived by her 3 daughters (all still alive).

When dealing with distributing the estate am I correct that the estate is distributed as follows:

Surviving brother = 25% of estate
Surviving sister 1 = 25% of estate
Surviving sister 2 = 25% of estate

The remaining 25% of his estate which would have gone to his deceased sister is then split equally 3 ways to her daughters:

Daughter 1 = 1/3rd of 25% = 8.33% of estate
Daughter 2 = 1/3rd of 25% = 8.33% of estate
Daughter 3 = 1/3rd of 25% = 8.33% of estate

Is this the correct application of the rules of intestacy in this scenario?

On the facts provided, that looks about right.

(although there is still 0.01% of the deceased sister’s share to be dealt with)

Paul Saunders FCIB TEP

Independent Trust Consultant

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Thanks for confirming. Yes it’s 8.3333% etc but point taken!!