Can multiple users access online probate applications?

I have started my first online probate application on the MyHMCTS system.

My colleague, who is the system administrator, is unable to see the case on the system. As far as he can see there are no cases set up for our firm at all.

I had assumed that any registered user within a firm could access and progress any of the online cases.

Have I misunderstood something, or is there a setting the administrator needs to tweak to enable access for all?

The superuser can create however many user accounts are needed (e.g. for each fee earner). Each user will be able to create cases which only that user can then access.

If the superuser only creates one user account (e.g. for a team or an office to share), then the log in details will have to be shared by the fee earners to be able to see all the cases created under the team log in. This can cause problems if, for example, two fee earners wish to log in at the same time.

A recent videocall with HMCTS confirmed that:-

  1. they are currently happy with either approach;
  2. they are due to introduce a ‘share a case’ functionality soon which will allow individual users to share cases with other users within the same firm.


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Sorry to bump this but do you know if it is now possible to see and complete a colleague’s applications? My colleague gone on leave and I need to submit a case on their behalf - I don’t particularly want to log into their account to do so (is this even allowed?). Is there a way around this now?
Thank you

I am not aware of the system having been updated to allow this, although to be fair I have not had cause to test it recently. I suspect nothing will have changed. I would not personally be too worried about whether you are allowed to log into a colleague’s account. The problem you will have is that you will also need to have access to the email account they have linked to MyHMCTS because of the authentication code HMCTS sends via email. In theory, if your colleague does not want to allow you access to their email account but is prepared to have a phone call while on holiday, then you could log in as them and then ask them to phone you with the authentication code. In my experience the code comes through fairly quickly but last time I looked there was a warning which said it could take up to 90 minutes for a code to arrive! So you don’t want to be starting anything if either of you is under any time pressure.